EFD is an international company born from a committed effort to satisfy the production and equipment needs of producers and photographers at global level.

The Company emerged in 1999 under the leadership of Georgina Teran Gilmore, producer of feature films and documentaries. Based in Mexico, with offices in Colombia, Spain, Germany and the United States, it has also provided service in Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Chile and Ecuador.

World-class company, with more than 20 years of experience in technical services for production and equipment rental.

Always seeking to provide cutting-edge technology from all over the world to the audiovisual industry; with the aim of having a wide range of solutions at an international level, to attend all types of productions.

In 20 years, it has consolidated itself as the largest rental house of cinematographic equipment in Latin America and is positioned among the largest 10 companies in the world. We provide services for projects from short films to major Hollywood productions, as well as commercials, films, series and documentaries, both national and international, for cinemas, television and the recent revolution in streaming services.

The company is distinguished for having the most advanced technology equipment in the film industry. Its technicians have been trained all over the world and have recognition from ARRI camera, ARRI lights, Service Vision System, Hidroflex, Red, Photosonics, Phantom, J.L. Fisher, Technocrane, Bolt, Panther, Zeiss, and more.

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